Lighting Spaces

Side yards, walkways and gardens. Our simple to install, highly durable lighting kits create a welcoming atmosphere ANYWHERE.

Every kind of space, made yours.

Create Atmosphere

Our easy to install, long lasting kits allow you to use your patio, side yard or back yard well after the sun has set! Enjoy more time with friends, family and loved ones outdoors.

Create Curb Appeal

 Highlight your favorite tree, create a welcoming pathway to your door or paint your house with shadows! 

Create Safety

And safety can look good! Our LED lights are 100% compatible with digital security cameras, many LED lights on the market flicker on camera, ours don’t!

Space Transformation in a box!

Our kits provide everything you need to complete your DIY landscaping project. Beautiful lights, sturdy construction, easy wiring with a transformer you can plug in to any outlet and save energy with the 12v conversion. Naxos kits even include touch-up paint, because these lights last!

Made for weekend warriors!

Naxos Landscape Lighting Kits are specially designed for the at home do-it-yourselfer. Easy instructions, low voltage and simple lever connectors give you all the design power of a pro, with the easy and cost saving of DIY. Each kit comes with 4 spotlights or 4 pathway lights, perfect for one patio, side yard, balcony, outdoor kitchen, BBQ pit, gazebo, or wherever you want to enjoy your outdoor space into the evening. Our transformers had an automatic on at dusk off at dawn photosensor. Because our transformer plugs into any standard outlet, you can easily use a plug in timer, or remote control (sold separately).

Solid Craftsmanship

Made using solid craftsmanship, sand cast in a non-ferrous foundry from recycled aluminum to create a sturdy thick walled product. Their longevity means less trash in the landfills of the world. Their energy efficiency means saving money. Few products have been so focused on energy efficiency to improve product longevity. Solid cast aluminum means durability and resistance to corrosion.

NAXOS® Pathway Lights

NAXOS® Spotlights