Casting Light

NAXOS Lighting Systems set out to create a high quality, easy to install, long lasting light that creates a welcoming atmosphere in any space, large and small.

Quality first

At NAXOS – we pride ourselves on creating long lasting, beautful products that enhance the lives of our customers. By manufacturing our own lighting kits, we control the quality of every light, lens, housing, bolt, wire – even the metal that goes into casting the housing.


Our lights are made of 100% cast aluminum, not stamped. Why do we do this? Longevity. Our lights can take a beating and stay bright as the day you bought them!


We’ve developed our very own electrical system down to the LED drivers that not only save energy, but create a flicker free light that is compatible with digital security cameras.

CIALC Partnership

Made using time proven, traditional craftsmanship, sand cast in a non-ferrous foundry from recycled aluminum to create a sturdy thick walled product. Their longevity means less trash in the landfills of the worlds. Their energy efficiency means saving money. Few products have been so focused on energy efficiency to improve product longevity. Solid cast aluminum means durability and resistance to corrosion.



  • Largest non-ferrous foundry in the Americas,
  • 20 years in the lighting business,
  • Numerous patents pending for energy saving innovations
  • Award winning engineers and skilled designers
  • Over 20 Years Manufacturing outdoor lights

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