Quick Installation guide

Installing you NAXOS® Lighting Kit is an easy and fun project for the whole family! Planning is a must, spend some time and decide how you want your yard to look!



Decide the optimal spot for the transformer.

Find a standard outlet located near where you want to install your new lights. You have the option of 1 – 100ft run or 2 – 50ft runs of brown low voltage wire and up to 6 lights on this kit (your kit has 4). You will eventually mount the transformer to the wall next to the outlet, however, DO NOT PLUG IN THE TRANSFORMER YET!


Place the lights where you want them!

Think about how the light will interact with the plants and garden features around them. You can split the number of lights running from the transformer on 2 runs of wire, to the right and left of the transformer or simply run one line, in one direction.


Loosely lay the brown low-voltage wire.

You’ll want to start at the transformer, and go light to light, don’t cut or splice just yet. You want to be sure you have enough wire to get to each light, leaving 2ft of slack at each light. 

Connecting the Lights


Quick Connector Access

Be sure the THE TRANSFORMER IS NOT PLUGGED IN! Remove the base of each light by removing the 2 screws on the dome. Each light has color coded lever connectors to connect the brown wire, and send power to the next light in the line. 


Attaching the wire.

At each light, cut the brown power wire. Be sure to keep it loose so you can adjust the lights position after wiring. Strip the wire to reveal 1/2” of bare wire and insert them as shown. Each end piece will be split to go into and one orange and one blue slot. The last light on a row will only use one side of the connector.

Installing the Transformer

Do not plug the transformer into the outlet yet!


Wall or Post Installation

Attach the transformer to the wall or a post by using the appropriate screws (Not Included). Remove the plate cover, located at the base of the transformer. 


Attaching the wire.

Remember, you can have 1 or 2 runs and up to 6 lights per transformer. Split the brown wire into two legs then strip each end to reveal 1/2” of bare wire and connect the wire by pressing on the quick connectors and inserting. Release pressure and each wire should stay in place. 

*TIP: Only one leg of the wire has text printed on it, be sure that one plain and one text are inserted in the transformer.
* wire may be brown, black or gray

Plug in the Transformer


Plug the transformer into an outlet!

The lights will come on for a few seconds. If it’s light outside, cover the optical sensor with something to simulate nighttime. If all the lights come on, you’ve done a great job and can re-attach the base plates, install the ground stakes, install your lights where you want them. You can bury the wire, but its not necessary, you can hide it in foliage, tuck it under rocks or cover it with mulch.


Spotlight Adjustments

7A With the power on, adjust the angle of your light so it looks great!  To secure the spotlight, tighten the screw (A). 

7B To adjust how wide or narrow the beam is loosen (B), with an allen wrench, slide the cylinder back and fourth until you get the desired effect, then re-tighten.