Naxos Spotlights

Made from 100% recycled cast aluminum, our low voltage LED lights will allow you to create the space you have always wanted.

Low Voltage LED

Made from 100%
Recycled Aluminum

Affordable Quality

We manufacture our own lights, in our non-ferrous foundry. This allows us to provide the highest quality landscape lights available for an amazingly affordable price!

100% Recycled Cast Aluminum 

Our foundry uses 100% recycled cast aluminum, keeping scraps out of the junk yards and creating a durable housing that will last.

Easy to Install

Our kits were designed to be easily installed in a couple hours – A great family project for the weekend!

Low Voltage, High output LED

NAXOS Lighting Systems use the lates in LED technology to provide energy efficient but powerful lighting solutions. 

NAXOS Spotlight System Features

Our kits provide everything you need to complete your DIY landscaping project. Beautiful lights, sturdy construction, easy wiring with a transformer you can plug in to any outlet and save energy with the 12v conversion. Naxos kits even include touch-up paint, because these lights last!


Naxos Spotlight Landscape Kits are specially designed for the at home do-it-yourselfer. Easy instructions, low voltage and simple lever connectors give you all the design power of a pro, with the easy and cost saving of DIY. Each kit comes with 4 spotlights, perfect for one patio, side yard, balcony, outdoor kitchen, BBQ pit, gazebo, or wherever you want to enjoy your outdoor space into the evening. Our transformers had an automatic on at dusk off at dawn photosensor. Because our transformer plugs into any standard outlet, you can easily use a plug in timer, or remote control (sold separately).


Made using solid craftsmanship, sand cast in a non-ferrous foundry from recycled aluminum to create a sturdy thick walled product. Their longevity means less trash in the landfills of the world. Their energy efficiency means saving money. Few products have been so focused on energy efficiency to improve product longevity. Solid cast aluminum means durability and resistance to corrosion.


Naxos spotlights are completely adjustable, both the direction and the width of the beam, called the spread, can be changed to fit your exact needs. A wide beam if it’s placed farther away and to cover a large area like a wall. Wash your wall in warm light, or narrow the spot to highlight a garden feature like fountain or plants. Easy to adjust, tool included.
What will you create?

Durable Design

We designed the NAXOS Landscape Lights to be as close to indestructible as possible! By placing the wired connections inside the dome, we keep all those connections above the soil and out of water! 

It's all in the box!

NAXOS Lighting System Kits come with everything you need to install your new garden lights! The Spotlight Kit includes:

  • 4 Cast Aluminum, Fully adjustable, LED Spotlights.
  • Our low-voltage transformer with optical sensor.
  • Low Voltage Wire
  • Ground Stakes for the lights
  • Touch-up paint just in case!
  • Detailed instalation instruction.

Creative Freedom

Our kits allow for creative freedom when designing the lighting for your space, large or small. We provide the right amount of wire so you can place the lights where they look best!

Spaces Large, and small.

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